Professional Fireworks Displays

Planning Your Display

To get the most 'Wow!' per £, it is important to consider more than just the cost. It pays to take a little time to think through what you want – and who it is for.


Will there be children or seniors? Consider how they will react to noise. We can do anything, from 'rock your world' to a 'silent show'.


Each site is unique. Subject to safety distances and permission, we can design a show to use unique features, such as reflections in a pool or river or use the slopes of a hill. Risks need to be considered. Is there something special about the site? Hospital nearby? Petrol station? Thatched roof? Everything is considered to ensure safety.


As a starting point, consider a budget of about £200 per minute for continuous action. For “more at a time” and bigger effects, £300 – 500 per minute is usual. If someone is telling you less – there may be a reason, so check what you get for your money.


Think about when the show will run. 10pm is usually the latest 'sociable hours' time for a display. If you want it later, it will be important to check with the venue and neighbours.

Season and Weather

Weather and daylight are sometimes left out of initial plans. Summer displays need to be brighter, denser and more vivid to compensate for lighter evenings, adding to the cost. Saying this, if the venue offers a backdrop of trees, this helps a ground-to-mid display stand out.

For safety reasons, wind and rain can require changes to what is fired on the night – or cancelling a show altogether. As the display will still have to be paid for, check your own event insurance policy to see what is covered.