Pyromancer Fireworks

Professional Fireworks Displays



Fireworks add a magic touch to any celebration. Exactly what we can do depends on the venue and the weather on the day, but we always give the most that is safe and don’t hold back on the thrills. Most wedding displays last 5-6 minutes and cost £850-£1,250 depending on how long it lasts, how much is happening at once and the scale of the finale.

Of course, there is no reason to limit yourself to the “average”. When we know your venue and what you fancy, we can tailor the display to be perfect just for you. You can make your special day can be made even more magical with effects that use favourite colours, or add special items, such as heart shells or sparkling cascades. We are happy to quote for a custom show.

Pyromancer always aims to deliver the best value display without artistic compromise. Please note: For everyone's benefit, we operate a policy of 'Safety First' and we can't control the weather on the night. If the wind is strong and in the wrong direction, we may have to suppress some effects - or cancel the show altogether. All the planning and preparation will have been done, and we can't reuse display fireworks, so the full fee will still be due. It is worth checking your event insurance policy to make sure it covers cancellations. Individual effects may vary due changes in availability, price or regulations.

Why Use a Professional Display Team?

  • Access to more/different effects
  • Not available to the public
  • More dazzle from the budget
  • Mortar shells, not rockets
  • Less fallout
  • Spectator safety
  • Specialists with the proper equipment
  • No risk of 'amateur' accidents
  • Designed display
  • Continuous firing
  • Fully insured

Better than a DIY Show

  • Access to more/superior firework effects
  • Better value-for-money
  • Leaves you to focus on the event and guests
  • Lets you watch the show!
  • Professionally qualified organisers and firers ensure safe fun for all.